About Sam

Sam is a junior at UW-Madison studying marketing and supply chain management in the Wisconsin School of Business. He is currently at Student Life Coordinator in the Accenture Leadership Center and is also on the exec board for Mu Kappa Tau (MKT), a professional honorary marketing society. Within MKT, Sam is one of the VPs for Case Competitions and will be the president of MKT in the upcoming academic year (2014-15). Additionally, Sam is very active in the School of Business community as a mentor, peer leader, and strong student. This summer, he will be taking his talents to downtown Chicago as he interns for BP America as a part of their East of Rockies Fuels Value Chain program.

Outside of academics and work, Sam is very passionate about many things: sports, cooking and food, running, networking, business and supply chain, social media, and having fun. Sports have always been a big part of his life, and this blog is geared towards sharing this passion with you. Sam loves sports and as Scott VanPelt once said, “Sports are better than anything else, always,” and he is so right. However, don’t be surprised if he mixes some of his other interests into the workings of the blog, because so many of them can relate to one another!


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