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Sam on Sports: Pilot

Hello fellow sports fans! I would like to welcome you to a new blog that I’m starting purely for my love of sports. That said, welcome to my blog, “Sam on Sports,” and thanks for showing interest and giving me your support. I’m hoping to talk about a number of different topics, but am also open to suggestions; if you have any recommendations or ideas about what I can write about, head to the About Me section on my blog and you can comment with what you want!

As a little bit of an introduction to the sports side of me, I’ve been a sports fan all of my life. ESPN, Fox Sports, or any sports event is the first thing that comes on when I turn the TV on, and is the last thing that is left on when the TV goes off. I’m a student at UW-Madison and am from Green Bay, so my fandom goes to any Wisconsin sports team (except the Bucks, they suck), and am also a Red Wings fan in the land of many Blackhawks fans. I will be the first to admit though that I am quite a fair-weather fan when it comes to the Brewers (so I’m loving this current run they’re on). I’m not afraid to confess this, and hope you won’t judge me for it. I’ll try not to insert as much bias into my posts, but don’t fault me if I do because I’m very passionate about the teams I root for. Enough about me, now I’ll get a little into my first topic: the NFL draft.

NFL Draft

Draft day is coming up (no, I’m not referring to the Kevin Costner movie here), and it gives us football fans some solace in the middle of this dreadfully-long off-season. Obviously, there are the big names of this draft in Clowney, Watkins, and Manziel along with the rest of the QBs. Aside from these high-profile players, I’d like to point out a couple of players who I think might be going in a little underrated and could be sleeper picks for some teams:

1.  Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: Yes, his name is Ha Ha, and yes, he may not be a sleeper pick, but I still think he’s a great prospect in this draft. He’s from Alabama, so he’s obviously got some talent and has shown a lot of potential in his time there. I’ll be honest, I’m hoping the Packers can somehow scoop him up if he drops a little, because that would certainly bolster the secondary quite a bit. Regardless, he will be one of the top safeties taken and any team will be lucky to have him.Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

2.  Bradley Roby: Having played against him this year, I know the talent he can bring. He’s got some great athletic talent and can definitely move. I think he has some to learn on the technical side of football, but I think he can progress into a top cornerback after a couple years of mentorship from someone like Rodgers-Cromartie in New York or Ike Taylor in Pittsburgh.


3.  De’Anthony Thomas: This guy is a speed freak. I think teams could definitely use him in a more specialized role with RB screens or putting him in motion to the slot position. Of course, he’s one of those that is prone to injury and it will be important for teams to keep him safe if he wants to last. He could be an asset to a team like the Broncos (who have lost Moreno) or New Orleans and use him in the same way that San Francisco used LaMichael James, De’Anthony’s predecessor.


4.  AJ McCarron: Not many people think of McCarron as a starting quarterback in the league, but I don’t think you can discount this guy. All he did at Alabama was win, and that’s gotta count for something. I most certainly think he could be a suitable backup for almost any team and after a couple years could step in and take over the reigns for someone like Brady or Manning. I’m usually not this Alabama-heavy, but McCarron and Ha Ha are great players.


Well, that’s all for now folks. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you’ll stay with me! Let me know if you have any suggestions about topics or just want to connect. Finally, check out my Fancred blog page and get on this app if you want to discover a great sports community!